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Director G, Heo

  The importance of public safety has recently become a common concern that everyone recognizes. If we divide the disasters that threaten public safety into two categories, one is a natural disaster and the other is a social disaster caused by the success of civilization. Keeping public safety from these disasters is an important key to raising the quality of our lives and bringing happiness.

  In particular, climate change due to industrial development and social disasters created by modern science are already exceeding the frequency of natural disasters. We destroy our lives and property, such as fine dust problems, automobile accidents, industrial accidents, and fires, which occur a day long, and take away our happiness for a moment.

  In addition, an earthquake occurred in Korea, which was called the safe zone of the earthquake, and the victims are still living in the gymnasium for more than a year. In addition, large natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes, and forest fires are threatening our comfort a day long.

  Many believe that the fourth industry will make our future happy. But if we grow without thorough preparation for public safety, I think this will be a disaster that will lead to destruction of mankind. As seen in the recent KT communication situation in Korea, as the reliance on communication increases throughout society, such as transportation, medical care, commerce, securities, and trade, we may lose all of us in a moment when 5G is paralyzed.

  My Public Safety Research Center will be working on the Slogan, “the realization of happiness and safety in the future society,” to research and develop technology, nurture talent, implement safety education, and establish legal and institutional basis.

  To realize a beautiful and happy society that cares for and shares the society, the society that lives together, and the public safety, the Public Safety Research Center promise to do its best today.

Heo, Gwanghee, Director of Public Safety Research Center.